LACORSA is a quick paced game based on the battle for position in Grand Prix racing. Beautifully thematic, LACORSA is a highly accessible pure strategy game for the entire family.

    LACORSA is currently on KICKSTARTER, from November 1 - December 1, 2016. The Deluxe Edition and the French Racing Blue racecar set are limited and only available to Kickstarter backers. Click below.

    “It's a very good day for motor racing” - Jackie Stewart

    • Simple rules and unique gameplay
    • Complex strategy
    • Highly thematic and accessible
    • Head to head racing with minimum downtime
    • Fast racing game. Plays in 15 minutes
    • Best with 3 players. Supports 2-6 players
    • No two races are ever the same


    LACORSA captures the beauty of speed in a timeless way. Race your friends in this retro-styled strategy game that offers a high degree of flexibility and fun, using "pawns" inspired by '60s Grand Prix cars and custom cards that look like they're cut from a Monaco Grand Prix poster. The classic look is completed by a wooden game board featuring red and white beechwood inlays.

    LACORSA is geared for both poker night with the guys and family game night with the kids, using simple rules, solid strategy, and an unprecedented flexibility for "house rules." The game easily scales from simple single-hand play to deeper strategy with multiple hands as a race team. Play it safe, or drive dangerously, risking disastrous wrecks with every lap.

    In LACORSA, each deal of the cards is a race. Championship points are awarded based on the finishing order after each contest. The driver with the most points is crowned World Champion.

    The art and culture that surrounds Grand Prix racing is the inspiration for this game. In Italian, “la corsa” simply means “the race”.