“It's a very good day for motor racing” - Jackie Stewart

LACORSA is a card game based on the battle for position in Grand Prix racing.

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LACORSA is essentially a card game that meshes different game mechanics together with outstanding components. The cards control the movement of the race cars on the game board as they battle for position. The strategy is complex but the game is simple. In LACORSA, each deal of the cards is a race. Championship points are awarded based on the finishing order after each contest. The driver with the most points is crowned World Champion.

There are many ways to race in LACORSA. It plays well in multiple formats, with 2-6 drivers as individuals - or as race teams! With 2-3 players, each player controls two race cars.

The art and culture that surrounds Grand Prix racing is the inspiration for this game.

In Italian, LACORSA simply means THE RACE.