Lacorsa Racecar: 3D Custom - LACORSA Grand Prix Game

Lacorsa Racecar: 3D Custom

One Racecar playing piece. 3D printed in White plastic. If you are willing and able to paint, you can race in your own custom liveries.

Compatible with the Lacorsa Grand Prix Game First Edition.

For a smooth surface we recommend a primer coat plus sanding with 100, 150, 220, 320 and, finally, 400 grit sandpaper.

Influenced by the beautiful shapes from the classic grand prix era. The proportions are actually similar to a 70’s Ferrari formula one car. This gives them a weight and width that communicates the supreme challenge it is to pass another race car. The solidity of the design turns the cars into a racing chess piece.

"I loved the classic forms of 60’s grand prix cars. I wanted to take these elements and exaggerate them as if someone from that time period imagined how they would look in the future" -Mark Haskins (designer)

What classic racing colors would you choose to race in? Perhaps the All-American Race Team in Gurney Eagle Blue?