The 1960s witnessed some of the most exciting and dangerous grand prix racing of all time. This Track and Driver Expansion provides new playing cards which add excitement, variability and real world performance to each race. The tracks feature different conditions, reflected in house rules, that greatly impact the outcome of the grand prix. Driver cards, on the other hand, represent the specific drivers and their cars which present their unique abilities and attributes. All these cards add an element of risk with the possibility of an incident or a DNF. Both Track and Driver cards bring an new level of strategy and realism to the game. There is drama whenever LACORSA is run.

This 1965-1966 expansion is equipped for 2-6 drivers and you can play as teams or as individuals. With the original LACORSA game and this expansion combined, your can now race with 2-12 drivers and, importantly, as 2-6 teams of two racecars with a favored driver in the hunt for the driver’s championship.

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12 drivers 4 teams Scoresheet

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