LACORSA was created as a passion project from designer Mark Haskins. He has designed everything in the box out of a love for cars, motor racing and competition. His background is in footwear design where he is currently the VP of Footwear Design at Vans in Southern California. Mark holds a degree in Transportation Design from the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena. LACORSA has been a creative outlet for the last 3 years and draws on the skills he acquired at ArtCenter studying automotive design.

A note from Mark:

"When I was a kid I was fascinated with racing games and creating a board game around the 24 hours of LeMans (one of my favorite races). But it can be very time consuming, and frankly boring, playing a recreation of a famous race. This game came about by simplifying the essence of racing down to it’s core. Cars battling for position. As a driver, all you are thinking about is ‘How do I get to the front?’ Now that I have two kids, LACORSA has been a great way to pass along the love of racing with my family.
I have been working in the shoe business for 25 years and I am currently the VP of Footwear Design at Vans."

Linea Rossa LLC has been set up to create and publish the LACORSA Grand Prix Game.