Here are a few questions that we get asked frequently:


Q: Is the deck shuffled?

A: Yes! Think of Lacorsa as a card game.

Q: Can an extra suit of cards be used in the 2 player game?

A: Yes. If you are playing with card counters add an extra suit to ensure unpredictability. Still deal 13 cards per race car.


Q: What is recommended when 2 players, each managing 2 cars on the same team, are challenging each other? Can they discard?

A: When 2 cars on the same team challenge each other, each has to play a card. You can’t discard with a car in front. The challenge will determine if there is a pass or not. Essentially, it is a discard. You can play as low of a card as you want to ensure the correct car stays in front. The reason we do this is because you can get some interesting situations when you don’t have the right low card. You may have to play a higher card to get the preferred car in front.

Q: What happens when one car only has an Extend and a Redline card left and there is a car in front of them? What are my options?

A: First, you have to challenge. You can play both cards 2+R (for a total of 4). Or play the 2 to continue with one more lap (assuming you don’t win the challenge with a 2!). It is important to note that Extend cards are often used to challenge at the end of the race. This is why they have a value of 1, 2, and 3.

Q: Are the Extend cards playable as challenge cards?

A: They can be used to attack and defend with the value on the card (1,2,3). Even the Redline card can be used by itself in a challenge but it has a value of 0.

Q: On a player's turn, if there is a car ahead, is the player required to challenge or can he or she skip the challenge (and perhaps discard)?

A: You are required to challenge although you are not forced to play a good card. Playing a low card would have the same effect as discarding plus you force your opponent to perhaps play a more meaningful card.


Q: Are Extend cards are played faced up? Are discards played faced down?

A: You have to show the card you are playing. In the discard pile all cards are played face up including Extends. Only in a challenge are cards played face down for a simultaneous reveal.

Q: If a player overtakes 2 cars, can they then extend? Or if you pass 2 cars is that the end of their turn?

A: After passing 2 cars it is the end of their turn. Play moves on to the next car.

Q: Does the 2 Extend card move a car two spaces forward?

A: No. A racecar is moved one space forward regardless of the number on the card. The numbers are used for challenges.

Q: What’s the difference between the Extend and Drafting Extend card? Is it just that the leader cannot play the drafting extend? Or, can it be played as a counter if the leader extends, but the second place car plays the drafting extend to “keep up”?

A: The Drafting Extend cannot be used by the leader to extend. That is the only difference other than it has a value of 3 when used in a challenge. In this senario, the turn is over for the second placed car if they lose the challenge. The second placed car must wait until the next lap to play their 3 Drafting Extend.

Q: If a racer only has Extend cards left in their hand, can those cards be used to defend or attack? Or must they be discarded or is the player considered out of cards?

A: They can be used to attack and defend with the value on the card (1,2,3). Even the Redline card can be used by itself in a challenge but it has a value of 0.

Q: What designates “Drafting Extend”? Do you have to be directly behind a car or can you be one space apart? If you are directly behind does it allow you to pass?

A: The 3 Drafting Extend card can be used by any car except the leader to extend. As with any Extend card, it can be used to extend only when there is an empty space ahead to move into.


Q: Can the leader “Go Wide”?

A: The leader of the race cannot “Go Wide”.  This is an interesting variation but it is not always necessary to balance play. Once you understand the stakes of being left behind, you play differently. You employ a blocking strategy.

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