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Kickstarter Video Shoot

September 04, 2015 Mark Haskins

Thanks to everyone who helped us on location at Santos Italian Car Service where we shot the Kickstart video for LACORSA. We couldn't have done it without the help of our exceptional friends. Stay tuned...


September 04, 2015 Mark Haskins

Look for product photos and stories about LACORSA. Find us at #lacorsagame

Tuesday Night Races

June 17, 2013 Mark Haskins

Come join us at the Haskins house for a night of racing at 6:00pm.

LaCorsa on Facebook

May 04, 2013 Mark Haskins

  LaCorsa is currently in game test mode. We will be using Facebook to keep everyone up to date with the game developments and upcoming tournament events plus a little insight into the design process. Come to a LaCorsa race event as we prepare for a Kickstarter launch and eventual production. Go to Facebook