LACORSA Grand Prix Game

LACORSA Grand Prix Game


LACORSA is a fast paced game based on the battle for position in Grand Prix racing. Beautifully thematic, it is a highly accessible strategy game for the entire family. LACORSA is a card game that you should enjoy trackside or watching the next Formula One race with your racing friends.


  • 78 LACORSA playing cards
  • Six LACORSA grand prix racecar playing pieces in plastic
  • One 24" folding premium wooden playing board
  • 22 racecar marker cards
  • One six sided die
  • Sporting Regulations rulebook
  • One championship table score pad

LACORSA captures the beauty of speed, evoking the best era of Grand Prix racing. Bring your racing obsession home with this retro-styled strategy game that offers a high degree of flexibility and fun, using "pawns" inspired by '60s Grand Prix cars and custom cards based on the Swiss international style. The classic look is completed with premium components like the wooden game board featuring red and white beechwood inlays.

The art and culture that surrounds Grand Prix racing is the inspiration for this game. In Italian, "la corsa" simply means "the race.”

"It's tactical, it's a skirmish almost. You are muscling for position. Each car. Each time. Each play. Head to head.” - Forensic Gameology

If you enjoy card games this is a great one with an automotive twist.