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Lacorsa Grand Prix Game + (Free Racecar Set)

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The Lacorsa Grand Prix Game is a fun and fast paced game that captures the drama and tactics of grand prix racing. Lacorsa takes minutes to learn and gets you battling for pole position right from the start.

2-6 players, 15-60 minutes

The strategy is so simple on the surface but it goes much deeper. It has elements of bluffing, tactical positioning, strategic planning and luck that embodies the spirit of a race in 15 mins or less, yet, with a competitive group of friends, you can play for hours. 

Lacorsa is a beautiful game, with sturdy parts, sleek design and a box that fits the components so perfectly that we have been told it can be satisfying just opening it up. The small board allows for easy set up so you can take it on the road.

Design inspiration for this game comes from the Italians who are insanely passionate about their motor racing. In Italian, “la corsa” simply translates to “the race”. With this as our muse, Lacorsa takes you back to a simpler time of racing, and gaming.

Race in style. 


Lacorsa Grand Prix Board Game

Free Alfa Rosso Racecar Set

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